Financial Advisory Services
As your financial advisor, provide financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. we can provide many different services, such as investment management, tax planning, and estate planning, among other things .
Business Assurance
Business Assurance or governance, risk, and compliance Any organization's ability to survive and achieve its goals ultimately depends on its capacity to keep risks under control, to maintain compliance with ongoing regulations, and to exercise effective governance. .
General Accounting services
Our general accounting services cover general ledger collection and accounting activities that include account charges in credits and debits and documenting financial statements for a quarter, calendar, or fiscal year. .
Statutory Audit of Financial Statements
Our statutory audit is based on an external audit whose objective is to check the financial information, this done in order to prove a responsible and independent opinion on the financial statements if they are prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with the financial reporting..

About KLC
Our audit procedures involve analytical reviews, compliance tests and substantive tests in relation to the internal control system of the client/project. These will be in line with the current disclosure requirements of the IFRS, International Accounting Standards, International Auditing Standards, the Statements of Accounting Standards and the Companies and Allied Matters Act C20 of 2004.